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Friday a.m. Rangers stuff

I'm not sure how to feel after a game like last night's.  Mediocre start by the #5 starter, followed by the scrubbier part of your bullpen giving up 7 runs...I don't know that it says a whole lot about the team as a whole, or even that much about Dustin Nippert, Chris Ray and Matt Harrison in particular.  But it is the type of game that seems to happen a lot more to the Rangers than to other teams...

Jeff Wilson writes that this was an old-school Rangers win. 

Evan Grant, in his post-game notes, mentions that the Rangers have only three "reliable" relievers right now...and if that's the case, they're going to have to look at bringing up Alexi Ogando or Tanner Scheppers pretty soon, because you can't keep going to the same three guys in every close game.  Particularly given that a team that relies on pitching and defense, rather than scoring a ton of runs, is going to be in a lot of close games...

Julio Borbon had an awful game yesterday, sending soft fly balls to shallow left field in all four of his ABs, and bobbling a ball in center (although it didn't result in a runner advancing).  Ron Washington says that Borbon is not in danger of being sent down, however...and I expect Washington to say that all the way up to the day Borbon gets sent down. 

Wilson writes that the Rangers are ready to face another ace today, Kansas City's Zack Greinke.

Todd Wills has some notes up that include discussion of Scott Feldman working on his mechanics and Justin Smoak working on scooping throws at first base.

Gil Lebreton writes that Matt Treanor isn't the Rangers' catcher of the future, but he is their catcher right now.

Jean-Jacques Taylor suggests that Treanor is the team MVP so far this season, which seems a bit...creative with the use of the term "MVP."

Randy Galloway has a column up on Milton Bradley, in which he talks about the Mariners "stupidly" assuming Bradley's contract and saying that "Chicago bean counters danced down the street" when they were able to get his contract off the books, while ignoring the fact that the M's dumped Carlos Silva and his terrible contract on the Cubs as part of the deal.