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Sunday a.m. Rangers things

Going for the sweep this afternoon...

Jeff Wilson's game story talks about Neftali Feliz, who picked up the save last night, and who has, after a couple of rocky outings, been very steady as the Rangers' closer.

T.R. Sullivan's game story is also very Feliz-centric.

Jeff Caplan has post-game thoughts up at ESPN Dallas. 

Caplan writes that Frank Francisco's days as the Ranger closer appear to be over, with Feliz taking over that role.

Evan Grant has a story up on Vladimir Guerrero's success at TBiA, saying that no hitter has hit as well in a single stadium as Vlad has here.

David Murphy talks about applying Clint Hurdle's philosophy of selectiveness to his at bats this year.

The S-T's notes have, among other things, talk about Justin Smoak's defensive work and Derek Holland's return to Arlington.  T.R. Sullivan runs down Holland's impressive performance in AAA this year.

Drew Davison takes a look at the Ranger minor league system, with a particular focus on the 2007 draft.