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Tuesday a.m. Rangers stuff

Okay, time to see this team snap out of its current funk...

Thad Levine says that, although Derek Holland is heading to the 15 day disabled list, the diagnosis on him was good news, as there is apparently no structural damage.  Pedro Strop will be brought up to replace Holland for now, with Tommy Hunter expected to get called up on Saturday to replace Holland in the rotation.

Evan Grant says that the Rangers have been exposed when playing good teams, and in particular, have shown their lack of experience and reliance on young players who are still trying to establish themselves as major leaguers.

Jeff Wilson writes that a couple of minor mechanical changes since the May 14 embarrassment in Toronto have Rich Harden performing more like the Rich Harden of old.

Ben Rogers says that the Rangers should be sellers, not buyers, at the trade deadline, and in particular, should see what they can get for Vladimir Guerrero.  However, with the team only a game out of first place in a weak division, I think it is way premature to start waving the white flag and looking towards 2011.  If the Rangers a half-dozen games out come late July, sure, it makes sense to explore the trade market for Guerrero and Frank Francisco and Rich Harden.  Right now, though, there's no reason for us to be worrying about that.