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Alexi Ogando reportedly called up by the Rangers

According to Enrique Rojas, Alexi Ogando is en route to Milwaukee, where the Rangers will activate him for tonight's game.  (Hat tip to rlb02a for catching and linking the Rojas tweet).

This is huge, and I'm struggling to figure out what roster move would be made to accommodate him.  The possibility that jumps out immediately is that Rich Harden is heading to the disabled list, with Matt Harrison or Dustin Nippert moving to the rotation.

But it could be that one of the current relievers is being d.l.'d or dropped.

More on this as it develops.

UPDATE -- Looking at the schedule, I'm guessing Harden to the disabled list.  With off days this Monday and on the 21st, the Rangers don't need a 5th starter against until June 26.

UPDATE II -- Jason Parks' scouting report on Ogando.

UPDATE III -- I counted wrong -- they need a 5th starter on June 19. 

UPDATE IV -- Per Evan Grant, the Rangers are not denying Ogando is on his way up.

UPDATE V -- Evan Grant with a blog post.  He thinks it is Harden going to the d.l., with Nippert or Harrison as a spot starter on June 19, then the team seeing where things stand when the 5th starter would be needed against on June 26.

UPDATE VI -- Per Jason Cole, Evan Reed is being promoted to AAA to replace Ogando, and Andrew Laughter is heading to AA to replace Reed. 

Reed's promotion is interesting...he caught my eye in short-season ball in 2007, as a 3rd round college draftee, but he was awful in 2008, dropping off the prospect map.  He had a decent bounceback year in 2009, though, and he throws hard and gets ground balls, which makes me wonder if he could be a Jason Grimsley-type reliever in the majors.  He's got 23 Ks and 4 walks in 20 innings this year for Frisco, and while he probably isn't real high in the pecking order for a look in the pen in this organization, due to all the quality arms ahead of him, he's someone who could have value as a 2nd or 3rd piece in a deal for someone like Austin Kearns.

UPDATE VII -- Per Rodney in the comments, the Ticket is reporting that sources are saying that Harden is headed to the d.l.