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That was a strange game.

Michael Young costs Frank Francisco a run in the 8th, and a first and second with no one out situation in the 9th against Trevor Hoffman and his 10+ ERA results in no runs, but it doesn't seem like it should matter, since Neftali Feliz is coming in against the bottom of the Brewers lineup.

And the ending still was scary.

Those of you with Tivo, if you go back and look, there's a cup on the warning track that flashes from behind Josh Hamilton's glove right after he makes the catch.  It is white, and I swear, when I first saw that, I thought it was the ball popping out and that Josh had muffed the catch and the winning run was going to score from first.  A half-second later, I realized my mistake, but that was a long half-second.

And please save the "why wasn't Ogando in the game????" rants.  You aren't going to bring a rookie who hasn't pitched above the Dominican Summer League until this spring into his first major league game with the bases loaded, the bottom of the 9th, on the road, with the winning run on base, unless he's the last arm in the bullpen, or the other option is Dan Miceli.  That's just not realistic.