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Monday a.m. Rangers things

I'll take 2 out of 3 from Milwaukee.  Splitting the final 6 games of the series would make this a successful road trip, and going 4-2 or better would be gravy.  Or cranberry foam.

Jeff Wilson's game story is about the greatness of Colbyashi, with Colby Lewis contributing both on the mound with a strong 8 inning start, and with the bat.

T.R. Sullivan's game story includes praise from the Rangers for Lewis's performance, particularly his getting a couple of hits of Yovanni Gallardo, whom Michael Young said had his A game going.

Evan Grant writes that, while the Rangers aren't sure who will take Rich Harden's spot in the rotation, it isn't going to be Tanner Scheppers.

Wilson's notes include Ian Kinsler saying he wanted to play yesterday, when he got a day off, but the Rangers wanted to give him a chance to rest his ankle.

Sullivan's notes include Ron Washington saying that Neftali Feliz is still his closer, with Feliz saying that Saturday was just "one of those days."

Wilson writes that David Murphy has been showing he's not a platoon player by posting a better average against lefties than against righthanders so far in 2010. 

The problem is, while that's true, it is because he's hitting poorly against both LHPs and RHPs.  Murphy is hitting .268/.317/.339 against lefties, consistent with his career .262/.301/.380 line against lefties.  But while he's hit righthanders at a .281/.340/.477 clip over his career, he's got just a .261/.282/.387 line against them in 2010. 

Basically, Murphy has been hitting lefties as poorly in 2010 as he has his entire career...he's just also hitting righthanders poorly now.