Spokane Roster

I know this was brought up a little in the last minors thread but just wanted to get some more opinions about it.  

From Scott Lucas:

2010 Picks:

LHP Justin Earls (31st round)
LHP Kevin Johnson (42nd)
RHP Colby Killian (41st)
RHP Zach Osborne (9th)
RHP Ryan Rodebaugh (15th)
RHP Ben Rowen (22nd)

C Carson Vitale (38th)
1B Andrew Clark (13th)
2B Jonathan Roof (8th)
IF Kevin Rodland (34th)

OF Jared Hoying (10th)
OF Jason Kudlock (36th)
OF Ryan Strausborger (16th)

Promoted Players (2009 location in parentheses):

LHP Miguel de los Santos (Dominican Summer League, plus a few 2010 innings in Hickory)
RHP Ovispo de los Santos (rookie ball)
RHP Francisco Mendoza (DSL)
RHP Nick McBride (’09 pick, no experience)
RHP Denny Peralta (rookie)
RHP Randol Rojas (DSL)
RHP Tim Stanford (DSL)
RHP Johan Yan (rookie)

C Yefry Castillo (DSL)
C Kevin Torres (rookie)
2B Alejandro Selen (rookie)
SS Jurickson Profar (no experience)

OF Guillermo Pimentel (rookie)

Returning Players:

RHP Sam Brown
RHP Ben Henry

1B Clark Murphy
IF Daniel Lima (saw a little of Bakersfield in 2010)

Play begins Friday at Tri-City.

Some thoughts:


  • Though it seems natural at this point, Profar assignment is still a big deal.  And this might also seem like it goes without saying but Sardinas isn't there and they are basically the same age (Profar a tad older I believe).  Didn't Goyo think that Profar was getting overrated by a good BP performance and that otherwise they were similar SS prospects?  (Edit: Checked up a bit and, as of March, he stood by his story).
  • Randol Rojas.  I don't know what to make of him.  DSL co-pitcher of the year last year but isn't MPerez/Profar young (he's 20) and while BBTiA had him at a respectable #22, they project him to be a #4-5 starter.  There seems to be more buzz about him than that but I don't really know what to make of it.
  • Interested to see what Pimentel and Yan do.  Maybe Zach Osborne as well for unknown reasons (although his stats won't be as telling).

Anything else interesting about the roster?