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Sunday morning Rangers things

This morning the papers are singing the praises of Colbyashi, the busted prospect who went to Japan, who signed with the Rangers with a promise that he'd get a rotation spot (a promise that had quite a few folks who follow the Rangers up in arms), and who the Rangers can control through 2012 for less money than the A's are paying Ben Sheets this year, for less than the Diamondbacks are paying Eric Byrnes this year.

Anthony Andro writes that Colby Lewis was unhappy with only one pitch yesterday -- a 3-2 letter-high slider to Carlos Lee that Lee swung and missed at, with Lewis saying that he didn't hit his spot with that pitch.

T.R. Sullivan marvels that, in the midst of Colbyashi's complete game, on the road, there were chants of "Let's Go, Rangers!"

Calvin Watkins says that Lewis is turning into an ace.

Evan Grant says that yesterday's game was a snapshot of the Rangers' road trip, where everything is going right.

Andro writes that Julio Borbon's hot streak coincides with a string of righthanded pitchers, which allowed Borbon to get back on track and get his confidence back up.

Sullivan's notes discuss Ian Kinsler's OBP surge, the Rangers pitching plans for the coming week, and David Murphy's imminent return to a 4th outfielder role.

Jeff Wilson runs down the 7 Rangers who have a chance of being All Stars this year.

Sullivan also has some blog notes this morning, saying that Elvis Andrus will sit today, Dustin Nippert will start Wednesday, and Nelson Cruz will be activated on Tuesday.

And Buster Olney talks about Michael Young and his value to the Rangers, including relating a phone call he made to Jon Daniels last summer near the trade deadline, saying that the players believed in what the front office was doing, and that Daniels shouldn't make a deal just to appease the guys in the clubhouse.