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Thursday a.m. Rangers stuff

And that's ten in a row.  Rangers go for 11 and the sweep today. 

The S-T's game story is about Elvis Andrus busting out of his slump last night with a big day at the plate.

Chris Cox notes that the Rangers' 13 run explosion came with Josh Hamilton sitting on the bench, a lineup decision that seemed to cause a lot of consternation around here yesterday afternoon.

William Wilkerson's notes in the S-T include updates on Rich Harden and Derek Holland, both of whom are on the d.l.

Tom Grieve is being inducted in the Ranger Hall of Fame.

Anthony Andro writes that Nolan Ryan is still confident about the prospects of his and Chuck Greenberg's group consummating the purchase of the Rangers.

Jennifer Floyd Engel has a column similar to Galloway's yesterday, in which she basically rips Judge Lynn for ruining the chances of making a deal prior to the deadline.  Engel basically says it is next to impossible for the sale to happen prior to the trade deadline.

Kevin Sherrington writes that Ron Washington deserves some credit for the Rangers being in first place right now.