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Judge Lynn is not happy with Greenberg, Rangers

The AP has a story out from this morning's hearing, re-setting the confirmation hearing for July 9, and Judge Lynn's quotes suggest he's not pleased with Chuck Greenberg and the Rangers right now:

Lynn granted the motion without hearing testimony Friday, then chided the Rangers and proposed buyers.

"You need to understand that this court will decide whether to approve this plan ... and will not decide based on what the fans want ... what the media wants ... what Mr. Nolan and Mr. Greenberg want ... or what (baseball commissioner) Bud Selig wants," Lynn said. "If the plan fails to meet (a specific bankruptcy code), I will deny confirmation and we will be back to square one, and it will be on the head of those who supported this motion."

He added that mediation was unlikely to resolve the issues now that it was set just days before the final hearing.

"For the sake of the Rangers, I do not want to see this team stuck in Chapter 11 until this fall," Lynn said. "You guys — not me — you guys are the ones who pushed for this (July 9 hearing)."

This may be an example of "be careful what you wish for..."