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Saturday morning Rangers stuff

The 11 game winning streak came to an end yesterday, and just like the streak was a team effort, the loss yesterday was a team effort, with the pitching, defense, and bats all letting the Rangers down.

On the plus side, so Texas is still up 4.5 games on Anaheim, and is still up 6 in the loss column.

Anthony Andro's game story says that yesterday's game proved Ron Washington's earlier point that the best team doesn't always win in baseball.

T.R. Sullivan's game story leads off with Ian Kinsler being cranky:

"We lost the game ... amazing, isn't it?" second baseman Ian Kinsler snapped. "We're not going to win them all."

I'd hate to see the reactions if the Rangers had lost 11 in a row, instead of having won 11 in a row.

For those blaming Ron Washington for the late-game bunt attempts by Elvis Andrus and Nelson Cruz, Ron didn't call for them.  And as I mentioned in the game day thread and post-game thread, I don't really have a problem with either attempt.

Bunting for hits is part of Elvis's game.  He's fast and doesn't hit for power...bunting to get on is part of what he does.  As for Cruz, there was one on, no one out in the 9th, and the Rangers were down 3.  Texas needed baserunners.  Cruz had been hitless in his last 8 plate appearances and didn't look good at the plate yesterday, striking out twice.  I think Cruz, mired in a slump and recently off the d.l., felt trying to leg out a bunt that the Astros infield wouldn't be expecting gave him at least as good a chance to get on as swinging away would.

Calvin Watkins has a story up that includes quotes from Cruz, saying he thought he'd take the Astros by surprise.  Watkins doesn't like the move, and cites Cruz's average with runners in scoring position as a reason why Cruz shouldn't have bunted, but I'm not sure what that has to do with anything.

There was also drama with the umpiring crew...Ian Kinsler was ejected, Ron Washington didn't like the decision to call Carlos Lee out but not Hunter Pence in the middle innings, and then there was the brouhaha after the home plate umpire was hit in the face with an Alexi Ogando fastball after Max Ramirez got crossed up.

Some Rangers fans cheered, which I find embarrassing and classless, when Cooper was hit.  But apparently, there was then a confrontation between one of the umpires and Max Ramirez, that led to Ramirez getting into it with the umpires and Ron Washington having to come out:

"Just one of the umpires getting out of control and we had to get him in control," Washington said. "There was a mix-up right there on the pitch, and one of them said something they shouldn’t have said. That’s what that was all about."

Speaking of catchers, William Wilkerson writes about what a catcher has to deal with, and what goes through his mind, on a play at the plate.

The S-T's notes include the news that Scott Feldman will start Tuesday's game against the Angels, instead of Matt Harrison or Dustin Nippert, and that players around baseball voted for the All Star reserves yesterday.

T.R. Sullivan's notes includes talk of Michael Young making the All Star team again, and Ron Washington being unhappy with criticism of the Rangers' schedule.

Barry Shlachter has a story about the latest developments on the Rangers bankruptcy, including Judge Lynn's comments yesterday and one of MLB's attorneys threatening to just "terminate" the franchise if the judge doesn't confirm the plan on July 9.

Kevin Sherrington has a column on the proceedings up at the DMN.

Jennifer Floyd Engel has a column up in the S-T, in which she's already blaming Judge Lynn for the Rangers possibly losing Chuck Greenberg as an owner and the A.L. West this season.