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Sunday a.m. Rangers things

The Rangers win the Silver Boot!  Woohoo!!!  The hell with the A.L. West...the season is a success now.

Anthony Andro's game story talks about the resurgence of Ian Kinsler, despite still having issues with his ankle, helping the Rangers win the Silver Boot for the fourth straight season.

T.R. Sullivan's game story talks about C.J. Wilson being on the exercise bike after the game, with Ron Washington saying C.J. wanted to work up a sweat.

Evan Grant runs through the Rangers' potential All Star is jarring to read that there will be 34 players on each team.  Good thing that, since now "it counts," the managers will treat this like a real game and play their best players all game, rather than shuffling guys in and out like in Little League where everyone has to play.

Sullivan's notes talk about Michael Young not ever taking a day off and Rich Harden hoping to start throwing again soon.  Conspiracy theorists who are convinced nothing is wrong with Harden can continue to accuse Harden, the organization, the medical staff, and all the local media of lying about his condition.

William Wilkerson also has a story about Young's durability, with Young saying he hasn't had a day off just to rest since 2003.

Josh Hamilton's sixth inning single stretched his hitting streak to 20 games.

Anthony Andro's notes include an update on the catching situation, with Ron Washington continuing to say that the Rangers are happy with their situation and aren't calling up Jarrod Saltalamacchia anytime soon. 

I'm starting to think that, barring injury, Salty won't be back up until September roster expansion.