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Orioles designate Garrett Atkins for assignment

The Orioles have designated Garrett Atkins for assignment.

This is noteworthy for Rangers fans primarily because Atkins was someone the Rangers apparently had some interest in as a backup 1B/3B/DH this offseason, the sort of role that Mike Lowell was also talked about possibly filling.

Atkins had an extremely disappointing 650 OPS last season with the Rockies, and then has followed it up with a 562 OPS so far this season for Baltimore.  The Orioles gave him a guaranteed deal for $4 million for 2010, which seemed like way more than was reasonable, and the signing as turned out to be a disaster.

Nevertheless, given the Rangers' ongoing hunt for a righty bench bat, I have to wonder if Texas might look at bringing Atkins in on a minor league deal if he clears waivers.  My initial thought was that they might try to work out a deal to get him from Baltimore (with the Orioles, of course, paying all his remaining salary, since no team is going to take Atkins if they have to pay him), but he's been so bad that I can't see him as an upgrade over Joaquin Arias.