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Kaplan: New Bidder Interested in Buying Rangers

Daniel Kaplan has a story up, saying that Jeff Beck, the money guy behind Dennis Gilbert's bid to buy the Rangers, has emerged as a potential buyer for the Rangers, should the bankruptcy court re-open the bidding process.

Kaplan also talks some more about the status of the bankruptcy proceeding and where things stand, and includes this quote:

"You can’t read this decision and say now ‘I know what is going to happen in this case,’" said Paul Rubin, a bankruptcy attorney at Herrick Feinstein who reviewed the judge’s opinion at the request of SportsBusiness Journal. "The appointment of a CRO is significant."


For those who say, well, MLB can just take over the franchise if they don't like what the judge does...if MLB was really inclined to do that, why wouldn't they have done it already?  Why file for bankruptcy, go to the bankruptcy court, ask for relief, and then when things don't go your way, say nevermind, we don't have to follow the judge's ruling anyway?