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Tuesday a.m. Rangers things

So, the big news from yesterday was that Omar Beltre will be called up to the majors to start against the Angels on Wednesday.  Ron Washington says there's nothing wrong with Colby Lewis, who is being bumped back a couple of days...they just want to keep him fresh and rested.

Jeff Wilson's notes talk about the Beltre recall, while noting that there's no announcement yet on who will be sent down to make room for Beltre, and about Josh Hamilton's recent surge in the All Star balloting, which has him a near-lock to be voted in as a starter.

Evan Grant has a story about how the Rangers hot streak in June has been fueled by an offense that is embracing what Clint Hurdle is teaching.  The Rangers are first in the league in batting average, third in OBP, and fourth in slugging percentage, and Grant says that that is due in no small part to improved approaches and having a plan at the plate.

Anthony Andro has a story up today about this 3 game set with the Angels, a huge series given how the A.L. West is shaking out.  There's a quote from Michael Young about this not being a "make or break" series for either team...and while that's generally true, a sweep by Texas would give the Rangers a 7.5 game lead in the West.  A Ranger sweep is quite unlikely, of course...but should Texas sweep, it would put Anaheim in a huge hole for the second half.

T.R. Sullivan writes that the A.L. West is still wide open, with all four teams still in the race.

Barry Shlachter has a story up about the latest in the bankruptcy court, with Jeff Beck emerging as a potential new bidder.