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Tonight is a stark reminder of how badly this team needs a right handed bat off the bench.

Matt Thornton is brought in to face Josh Hamilton, David Murphy, and Justin Smoak, and there's no one who can pinch hit.

Then Bobby Jenks comes in and gets to face Matt Treanor, Craig Gentry, and Julio Borbon.  Down a run in the 9th, there's no reason for Treanor or Gentry to be hitting...but because the Rangers have decided to go with a bench that is bereft of anyone who can hit (other than arguably Max Ramirez, who should have hit for Treanor or Gentry, but that's another story), Jenks has an easy path to a save.

I'll take two of three against Chicago, even losing a winnable game like this one...but once again, we see how badly the Rangers need a backup outfielder who can hit.  And once again, I'm left wondering why the team feels they need two utility infielders instead of a righthanded hitting outfielder.