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Rangers reportedly in "serious" talks to acquire Bengie Molina

We are still sitting here waiting on the news of a roster move to make room for Omar Beltre, and Evan Grant suggests that the lack of a move thusfar may be linked to the reports that the Rangers are in serious talks to acquire Bengie Molina from the San Francisco Giants.

Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi say that a deal could come in the next 24 hours, and list Chris Davis and Jarrod Saltalamacchia as potential trade chips for the Rangers, although I can't imagine the Rangers giving either up for just Molina, even if the Giants ate all of Molina's remaining $2.5 million or so that he's due this year.

One possibility would be a Molina for Dustin Nippert deal, which would free up a roster spot immediately that could be used for Beltre, since I don't believe that Molina has to be added to the 25 man roster until he officially reports.