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Monday morning Rangers things

Draft day #1 today.  Much mystery around the Rangers' potential picks, and of course, the Rangers will be picking around the same time they are playing tonight.  Brett Perryman takes a look at some potential Ranger targets at the ESPN Dallas blog.

Frustrating loss yesterday, with another mediocre performance from Rich Harden that has generated more "trade him/demote him/d.l. him/cut him" talk. 

A 5.34 ERA and a 5.73 FIP isn't the sort of performance from a starting pitcher that usually has folks demanding blood, particularly when the pitcher in question has a track record of dominance, but there's something about Harden that generates a heightened level of hostility. 

Evan Grant, in his post-game post, blames Harden for the Rangers not pulling off the sweep, even though the bullpen gave up more runs than Harden in fewer innings, and suggests that Harden is on the verge of losing his rotation spot when Derek Holland is ready to return from the disabled list.

Jeff Wilson's game story says that Harden has been battling the same issues since spring training, and also suggests that Harden could lose his rotation spot when Holland returns.

Richard Durrett says that Harden has allowed the fifth most foul balls of any pitcher in the A.L., resulting in longer at bats and fewer strikeouts, while wondering how long the Rangers can continue to go with him.

William Wilkerson's notes in the S-T talk about the performance Saturday by the Bizarro Harden, Tommy Hunter, and has an update on the injury situations with Derek Holland, Tanner Scheppers, and Martin Perez.

Wilson has a story up about Josh Hamilton's knee.

Wilkerson talks to Justin Smoak about how he found out the Rangers drafted him.