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Happy birthday, Doug Mathis

Happy birthday to Doug Mathis, who turns 27 today.

Mathis was a 13th round draft pick by the Rangers in the 2005 draft, and is vying with Taylor Teagarden for the "best Ranger draftee" from 2005. 

John Mayberry, Jr., was the team's first rounder, and proved once again that you shouldn't draft hitters from Stanford.  Johnny Whittleman was drafted as a power hitting third baseman, and has turned into a first baseman who draws some walks, and has basically dropped off the prospect map and become an organizational depth guy.

Third rounder was Teagarden.  Fourth rounder was high school pitcher Shane Funk, who was released before the 2007 season.  Michael Kirkman was taken in the fifth round, and has established himself as a potential relief prospect.

Others of note from that draft are German Duran and Matt Nevarez, who ended up in the Astro organization, and Renny Osuna, who turned some heads in 2008 but hasn't built on that season.

Pretty terrible draft, overall.