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Jim Callis reports Michael Main to the Giants

Jim Callis is reporting that Michael Main is the player to be named later going to the Giants in the Bengie Molina deal.

Very disappointing, if true.

And also very telling about what the Rangers think of their catching situation right now, and either the ability of Max Ramirez to handle the defensive part of the job at the major league level, or Matt Treanor to stay healthy.  Or both.

Given that the difference in salaries for the rest of the year between Molina and Ray is about $2 million, I think it is fair to say the Rangers basically sold Main to the Giants for $2 million.

And for those who want to say that Tom Hicks' fiscal mismanagement hasn't really cost the Rangers anything, you can shut up now...

The Rangers had to kick in something to get the Giants to eat Molina's salary.  And the price was, apparently, Michael Main.