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Kaplan: CRO Filing Indicates Rangers Cooperating with Greenberg/Ryan Suit

Daniel Kaplan has a tweet that says the latest filing from the CRO indicates the Rangers are cooperating in the lawsuit Greenberg/Ryan has brought against the Rangers.

My take on it, with the caveat that I'm not a bankruptcy or contract lawyer...

The Rangers and Greenberg/Ryan are trying to moot the creditors' claims that there could be more money available from another bidder.  If Greenberg/Ryan's suit is successful, any additional money coming from the sale of the club to another team would go to Greenberg/Ryan, not the creditors.  Thus, the creditors wouldn't be any better off, at the end of the day, if the team is sold to Jim Crane or Dennis Gilbert or anyone else. 

That removes any impediment to the team selling to the Greenberg/Ryan group.

We shall continue to see how this all shakes out...