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Tuesday a.m. Rangers stuff

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George Steinbrenner died today at the age of 80.  No word if the Commissioner's office plans on scolding the Yankees for allowing major news to happen the day of the All Star Game.

Barry Shlachter has a story up on the latest drama in the Rangers bankruptcy case, including the Greenberg/Ryan group suing the Rangers, and the news that Rangers fans have been threatening the CRO.

T.R. Sullivan writes that this year's Ranger All Stars are looking to carry on the tradition of Ranger players having significant impacts on the game.

Anthony Andro has some notes up from the All Star Game, including a mention of how the acquisition of Cliff Lee has shifted the betting lines in the American League.

Andro also has a story about Ian Kinsler, who he says is having the best year of his career, despite missing time early on.

Evan Grant reacts to the reports out of New York which suggest that Seattle acting improperly in agreeing to a deal with the Yankees for Cliff Lee, and then shopping that deal to the Rangers.

Lee, who has been traded three times in the last 12 months, says in his next deal, he wants a no-trade clause.

And Kevin Sherrington says that, regardless of who the new owner is, he should keep Nolan Ryan on as team president.