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Wednesday Morning Rangers Update

It wasn't all a dream...
It wasn't all a dream...

Adam is predictably smashing marriages this morning so I will take you on the guided tour of all of the happenings in Rangers land this morning. Only today happens to be the deadest sports day of the year. Oops.

The All-Star Game ended with the American League losing for the first time since the Summer of the Macarena. One day before that All-Star Game, in 1996, The Spice Girls release their debut single "Wannabe" in the UK. It had been a while. This means the National League Champion will have home field for the World Series seeing as this one still counts. I look at this as a positive. If the Rangers are going to make it to the World Series, of course it will come in the year that the National League finally wins home field advantage. The Rangers wouldn't have it any other way.

And like I said in the All-Star Game Post Game Thread, the last time the NL won an All-Star Game was also the last time the Rangers won a playoff game.

Anthony Andro has some quotes from the Rangers contingent about their experience at and during the All-Star Game and T.R. Sullivan has a story about the Rangers player's attempt to influence the outcome of the game.

Even though the game itself was boring and FOX went out of its way in trying to make it unwatchable, we got to see Josh Hamilton, Elvis, Kinsler, and Ranger Cliff Lee all in one All-Star Game. That's amazing.

Richard Durrett spoke with Elvis Andrus about his first All-Star Game. Even though Elvis made a mistake on a steal attempt, and didn't produce in his lone plate appearance, Elvis being an All-Star was one of the few terrific things about last night's game.

Barry Shlachter has the latest on the other big story going on with the Rangers right now. The scary one. No, not the Rangers late August series against the Baltimore Orioles, I'm writing of course about the Rangers Sale fiasco. The latest is Judge Lynn is pretty much annoyed with everyone involved and is ready to get this over with. Aren't we all.

T.R. Sullivan says August 4th looks like the new date to circle in your doom calendar. That's the day the Rangers will be auctioned.

Andro writes that Bud Selig is proud of the way the Rangers have held up in the face of this catastrophe of a process among other notes. Of course, if this doesn't go Bud's way, the team will just end up contracted anyway.

Brett Perryman has a gaggle of DFW media links this morning; including a video of Jerry Jones looking particularly Skeletor-ish on HBO's Entourage.

John Heyman handed out his mid-season awards, in an apparent attempt to wet your whistle for the second half. Surprisingly the winners weren't all Boras clients. A Ranger is featured in every category. Including this: "GM of the Half Year: Jon Daniels, Rangers."