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Sunday morning Rangers stuff

That was a truly aggravating game.  A very good pitching performance gone to waste.  The offense doing very little, and stupid baserunning wiping out a couple of the rare opportunities that arose.  One out away from a victory, and seeing the tying run come across.

This is a game we'll talk about this winter if the Angels come back and win the West.

Jeff Wilson's game story says that neither Cliff Lee nor Ron Washington were second-guessing themselves last night after the loss.  I understand the argument that Wash should have brought Neftali Feliz in to face Kevin Youkilis in the 9th.  I would have stuck with Lee, but I understand the argument for Feliz.

What I don't get, though, are those folks who are railing on Washington for not walking Youkilis to face Adrian Beltre.  That's don't get a platoon advantage, and you're putting the winning run on base.  There were a lot of folks on the DMN chat grousing to Evan Grant about that, and the most coherent argument I saw was that Youk is a "gamer" and Beltre isn't "clutch."  Nonsensical.

T.R. Sullivan's game story says much the same...great game, Wash trusted Lee out there, Lee left a pitch out over the plate to Youkilis.

Evan Grant talks about Lee's outing and the 9th inning decision to stick with him against Kevin Youkilis.

Sullivan's notes talk about Bengie Molina, Derek Holland's simulated game, and the Rangers' continuing interest in Mike Lowell.

The S-T's notes talk about Molina, as well, and about Colby Lewis's weird night with the rain delay.

Wilson has a story up about Molina adjusting to Texas.

And in bankruptcy news, Barry Shlachter writes that J.P. Morgan Chase has filed suit against the Rangers, claiming they fraudulently transferred the ballpark lease in 2009.