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Series Preview: Texas Rangers @ Detroit Tigers - House of Horrors

On September 11, 2007, back when the likes of Fast Freddy Guzman, Jason Botts, and Mike Wood were Texas Rangers, the Rangers beat the Detroit Tigers 13-6. Since that day, over 34 months ago, the Rangers have not won again in Detroit. The Rangers have lost eleven straight games at Comerica Park, in fact. They've had nightmare innings such as an 11 run inning in 2008. They've seen leads blown most recently in the form of a C.J. Wilson meltdown early last season. They've been shut down by Dontrelle Willis past a time when that was acceptable. They've been beaten three times by Justin Verlander which might be the only thing about this that is understandable.

The fact is that Comerica Park has become a true horror show for the Rangers. It has become vaster and more darkly than The Kingdome where there seemed to be unimaginable space for the Rangers to be disemboweled. It is scarier and more intimidating than old Yankee Stadium which almost seemed too romantic and mythical for the Rangers to be allowed to win. It is more emasculating than The Ballpark at Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex where the then Devil Rays swept the Rangers to christen the Unhappiest Place on Earth. It is worse even than that shitty stadium in Puerto Rico that the Rangers lost to the Blue Jays in A-Rod's first game as a Ranger.

Look, we get it; no one wants to be in Detroit. It's a terrible, depressing, miserable place to be. But do the Rangers really have to play down to a city's level? Someone needs to let the Rangers know that the Tigers players are still getting paid well. They don't have to feel sorry for them. They should feel sorry for us, the Rangers fans, who have had to watch the Rangers lose in Detroit for far too long. If the Rangers do not win in Detroit, well, I hope Comerica Park burns to the ground. It would make a lovely tire fire receptacle.

Monday, July 19 6:05: RHP Scott Feldman vs. RHP Jeremy Bonderman

Tuesday, July 20 6:05: RHP Tommy Hunter vs. RHP Armando Galarraga

Wednesday, July 21 6:05: RHP Colby Lewis vs. RHP Max Scherzer

As much as I want the Rangers to take this series in Detroit and break this miserable spell, and as encouraging as the Tigers recent five game losing streak appears, I suspect the Tigers are going to be angry and ready to do battle back at home. They've been over-taken for the AL Central lead and are in danger of slipping to third. The thing is, though, they're probably statistically the best team in that division. In fact, when you factor in runs saved going by the RAR chart below, the Rangers and Tigers are within one point of being dead even.

It's not going to be easy, because it's in Detroit and that's nigh impossible, but if these Tigers are in the midst of a slide, it would be nice for the Rangers to take advantage. I just suspect the Tigers aren't going to be too happy tonight.

The Rangers get their first taste of second half Scott Feldman tonight. Hopefully he doesn't taste like when you would pack a ham sandwich for lunch at school, and over the hours before lunch, the American cheese on your sandwich would start to half-melt, half-sweat. That would be gross. Don't half-sweat, half-melt, Scott Feldman.

It's so weird that Scott Feldman started opening day. The funny thing is, however, if Scott Feldman is legitimately regulated to the fifth spot in the rotation from here on, he's actually an asset. A fifth starter with a 4.30 FIP is kind of marvelous. Suddenly, the Rangers rotation isn't a concern. It's actually very very good. Thank you so, so much, Cliff Lee. I still suspect we'll see Rich Harden or Derek Holland or both again in the rotation before this season is ended. However, if they are not healthy or good enough to carry a rotation spot, the rotation as it stands right now is actually top quality. And that depth we were worried about in late June is back again.


The emptyness of guilt recaptures serenity

Detroit Tigers (48-42, t-2nd place AL Central)

Rangers' 2010 Record vs. Detroit: 2-2 (At The Ballpark)

Detroit's Recent Results: 0-4 Swept by the Cleveland Indians

SBN Tigers Blog: Bless You Boys

     Match-up: (as of 7/18)

























Overall RAR



Tigers? :(

Defense Runs Saved

















Questions to Ponder:

  • Did you know that Brennan Bosch hasn't just been "rookie" good, but 35th in baseball in overall WAR, good? Crazy. He's been better this season than Vladimir Guerrero.
  • Where you aware that Gerald Laird (-0.6 WAR) has been a marginally better batter than Tim Lincecum (-0.7 WAR)?
  • Over/Under: Does Scott Feldman pitch 5 2/3 innings?
  • Do the Rangers win this series and exorcise the ghosts of Comerica Park?
  • Is there anything more depressing than Detroit? I mean, anything other than the Rangers always losing in Detroit?

Gerald Laird

#12 / Sex Machine / Detroit Tigers





Nov 13, 1979

This one: For Adam