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Tuesday a.m. Rangers stuff

5 of 6 so far on this road trip, with a chance tonight to sweep the cursed Tiggers of Detroit.

Jeff Wilson's game story focuses on Tommy Hunter's remarkable start to 2010, with Hunter going 7-0 thusfar, and the Rangers being 8-1 in games he starts.

T.R. Sullivan notes that Hunter is the first Ranger starter to start a season 7-0, and that he had a lot of help from the defense yesterday.

Gerry Fraley's post-game recap is also pretty Hunter-heavy,

Richard Durrett looks at how the Rangers' playoff rotation would stack up against their competitors.

Sullivan's notes talk about the Cristian Santana suspension, Dustin Nippert going to the disabled list, and the Rangers' ongoing search for a righty first baseman. 

On Nippert, I'd bet that, barring injury, he isn't back until September 1.  The Rangers can send him on a 30 day rehab assignment, which I'm guessing they'll do on August 2, which would allow them to activate him when rosters expand (or earlier, should the need arise).  And in the meantime, Doug Mathis will fill in in the major league bullpen until the Rangers decide to bring up Tanner Scheppers, which I'm guessing will occur in early August.

Tim Cowlishaw says that he'd pick Miguel Cabrera over Josh Hamilton as the A.L. MVP this year.

And on the bankruptcy front, Barry Shlachter has a story up about yesterday's proceedings, including indications that Mark Cuban may be bidding on the team, and the news that Ron Washington is being subpoenaed to testify.