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Thursday a.m. Rangers stuff

A very blah game yesterday.  Max Scherzer was on, and it almost seemed like the Rangers were satisfied having taken two in Detroit, and were looking towards this big four game series against Anaheim that starts today.

Jeff Wilson's game story identifies the fourth inning as the key to the game, when Michael Young was left stranded at third after a leadoff triple.

T.R. Sullivan's game story quotes Josh Hamilton as saying it felt "flat" in the dugout yesterday.

Evan Grant has a story up about Cliff Lee, who he identifies as being the key to this upcoming stretch of 7 games against Anaheim in 11 days.

Jeff Wilson also has a story up about Lee, and his assuming the role of the Rangers' ace.

Sullivan's notes talk about the status of unsigned draft picks, and Darren Oliver's plan to pitch in 2011 for the Rangers if his option kicks in.

Wilson's notes include some quotes from Thad Levine, about the Rangers deciding to forego signing any international free agents in order to dedicate that money towards helping the major league team in 2010.

Barry Shlachter has a story up on yesterday's bankruptcy hearing, including highlights of the testimony of Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan. 

Meanwhile, Jennifer Floyd Engel has a column up urging the fans to rally together, get a lawyer, and show up in court to do...something, I'm not sure what.