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Friday afternoon linkaliciousness

Some linkaliciousness to help get you through the afternoon, while waiting for tonight's game...

The Prospectus Hit List has the Rangers at #3 in the A.L. this week.  Yay!

Rob Neyer and Craig Calceterra each say they don't know why anyone expects Mark Cuban would be a "disaster" as the owner of the Rangers, which would make more sense if anyone were saying they expected Cuban to be a disaster as the owner of the Rangers.

Jon Daniels is doing a chat session at 2 p.m. today.

Kevin Sherrington marvels at the Rangers having an actual ace at the top of their rotation.

Jayson Stark has a new chat session up, where he says the Rangers are still looking for a RH bat that can play first base.

Mike Rhyner did a chat this morning at the DMN, and the transcript is available here.

BP has a story on who should buy and who should sell, and has the Rangers as a "Hold," saying that they probably shouldn't have even acquired Cliff Lee because they likely would have made the playoffs without him.

Dave Cameron says that the Angels' outfield defense is a significant reason why they are 6 games back of Texas right now.

Cameron also has his list of the 10 players with the most negative trade value up, with 1-5 here and 6-10 here.  No Rangers on the list, although there are four former Rangers, and another three guys the Rangers really wanted.