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Wednesday morning Rangers stuff

Yeah, I'm tired of Trevor Cahill.

Jeff Wilson's game story describes Cahill as Ranger kryptonite.

Chris Cox's game story says the Rangers finally started hitting a little in the 9th, but it was too late by then.

Evan Grant notes that this was only the fourth time a Ranger pitcher has had a quality start at TBIA, allowed just 1 run, and lost.

Richard Durrett's post-game notes have some quotes from Clint Hurdle about the team's recent offensive slump.

Durrett also discusses the possibility of cashing in more top prospects to get a big bat.  His verdict:  he's against it.

Anthony Andro's notes talk about Scott Feldman, who is waiting to see if he's going to start this weekend, and about Ian Kinsler's 3-0 popup Monday night, with Ron Washington saying that the foul ball wouldn't have been caught by the opposing team in New York or Boston.

T.R. Sullivan's notes talk about Kinsler's day off yesterday, the Marlins' interest in Evan Reed as part of a Jorge Cantu package, and Derek Holland's rehab outing.

Jean-Jacques Taylor says the Rangers are in first place because they play small ball.