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Ian Kinsler to the disabled list, Mitch Moreland up

Per the S-T, Ian Kinsler is heading to the disabled list, and Mitch Moreland is having his contract purchased and joining the 25 man roster.

Wow.  A couple of very intriguing moves here.

First, on Kinsler...per the story, the team doesn't think Kinsler's injury is serious, but wants to get him healthy and rested for the stretch run.  Given that the team has a 7.5 game lead, and given that Kinsler has been playing on a bad ankle all season, I think this is want Kinsler to be 100% come October.

Secondly, the Moreland recall.  I wouldn't be shocked if part of the motivation for the Kinsler move was to give the Rangers a chance to take a look at Moreland on the major league level.  Chris Davis is continuing to not hit, and I am guessing the Rangers are going to want to give Moreland some semi-regular playing time to get his feet wet in the majors, evaluate him against major league pitching, and decide if, come the post-season, they would be better served with Moreland at first base than with Davis.

UPDATE -- The injury is apparently a left groin strain.