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Is Mark Cuban's Stance Today on the Rangers Hypocritical?

I'm trying to reconcile what is going on with the bankruptcy and Mark Cuban...

Here was what he said on the Ticket in mid-July, after basically asking the hosts to ask him about the Rangers:

Do I have to have (the Rangers)? No. Would it be nice to have? Only in the right circumstances. Do I want to try and subvert what Chuck and Ryan are doing? Absolutely not. I’ve made it clear to Chuck exactly what my motivations are and what my plans are so that I’m not trying to undermine him at all.

He followed that up with comments to Barry Shlachter of the S-T:

"If any group that I'm involved with did end up getting (the ballclub), we would certainly ask Nolan to be a part of it. And Chuck for that matter," Cuban told the station. "I'm hoping I'm more of a backstop than anything else. It really can be a good deal financially, but someone needs to be a backstop."


Then we have this from his attorney today:

Cuban's attorney, Clifton Jessup, attacked the new deal, saying that if the auction is held, Cuban would bid aggressively and possibly even beat the new terms. Crane's attorney said he has found new investors and is interested in making a bid, either alone or jointly with Cuban.

Jessup described the secret negotiations as an "October surprise" and said that even if Lynn doesn't approve the new deal, it will make an auction more difficult and "chill the bidding."

He said Cuban has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars doing his due diligence on the organization in anticipation of joining the bidding.


So Cuban has gone from "hoping" to be "more of a backstop than anything else," and not wanting to "subvert" the Greenberg/Ryan group and what they are trying to do, to arguing in court today that the Greenberg/Ryan group should not be allowed to buy the team without outbidding him.