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Saturday a.m. Rangers stuff

Not the way you wanted to start this weekend's series.  Bad pitching from Tommy Hunter, and some bad defense, wastes a big performance by the offense.

I'm a big Tommy Hunter fan, but he is what he is, and when his command is off, he's going to give up hits and home runs.  Games like this are going to occur from time to time when he pitches. 

Jeff Wilson's game story quotes Hunter as saying he didn't make good pitches and missed over the plate.

In T.R. Sullivan's game story, Ron Washington says you have to give the Angels credit battling back after being down 5 early on.

Richard Durrett's post game notes include Josh Hamilton saying his knee was bothering him during batting practice.  If Hamilton's knee is giving him problems, the team may want to consider going back to the original plan of having Julio Borbon be the starter in centerfield, with Hamilton playing left, but Borbon appears to be in the dog house for whatever reason, and I don't expect his playing time to start ramping up again.

Anthony Andro writes about the acquisition of Cristian Guzman, who will be joining the team today.

Sullivan's notes talks about Josh Hamilton leaving the game early yesterday, Rich Harden starting today and pushing Scott Feldman to the bullpen, and the anticipated Jorge Cantu/Mitch Moreland platoon at first base.

Andro writes that Harden feels good, and has updates on Ian Kinsler and Matt Treanor.

Bankruptcy and ownership stuff after the jump...

Barry Shlachter reports on the judge's ruling yesterday that the auction will proceed on August 4, although he also apparently cautioned the lenders that by insisting on the auction and rejecting the revised Greenberg/Ryan bid, they are running the risk of not getting as much money.  Of course, given that the lenders are apparently willing to fund Mark Cuban's bid, that seems unlikely, as I am assuming Cuban is willing to bid higher than the revised Greenberg/Ryan bid.

Jeff Wilson writes that Cuban is obviously no longer an ally of the Greenberg/Ryan, as he was claiming to be a couple of weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Fox Sports is apparently also considering a bid, in order to ensure that the Rangers stay on Fox Sports, rather than jumping to Cuban's HDNet update -- Maury Brown points out that as a national broadcaster, HDNet isn't a factor with the Rangers.  This would likely not be a positive development for the Rangers...Fox owned the Dodgers at one point, and it was a bad experience for both sides.