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Maury Brown on the latest Rangers ownership developments

Maury Brown has a new story up on the latest developments on the Rangers ownership situation, and the news that Mark Cuban and Fox are both in the mix.  A few excerpts, that I'm sure will have the Cuban fanboys screaming:

Cuban’s lawyer said the enhanced bid worked out with William Snyder by the Greenberg/Ryan group was "collusion" which is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black after hearing Cuban is working with Monarch.

* * *

If I have been saying that Cuban is trying to get in through the backdoor in an attempt to purchase the Rangers, MLB must now see it as trying to get in through the garbage shoot. I place the odds at around nil that Cuban would gain approval from MLB’s owners, and for good reason. If he can’t be trusted before he’s an owner, how can he be trusted with the club once he is? The move by Cuban certainly isn’t going to endear him to Nolan Ryan, who is a looming factor in all of this. Why would Ryan want to work for the man that shafted his group by working with the main roadblock in the sale (Monarch Alternative Capital)?

Brown also says that the Rangers would be a "pariah" should Cuban prevail.

Read the whole thing...