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Monday morning Rangers stuff

The Rangers have lost 4 of their last 6, but are still up 3.5 games on Anaheim in the A.L. West.  Last night's game was one you'd really have liked to have won, though.

Anthony Andro writes in his game story about the ongoing struggles of Scott Feldman, who now has a 5.51 ERA on the season and has allowed at least five runs in his last three games, and seven times this season.

Todd Wills' game story at the Rangers website also focuses on Feldman's frustration, noting that Feldman surpassed Kevin Millwood yesterday for the A.L. lead in hits allowed, and that he's got 8 losses despite getting over 6 runs per game in support.

Richard Durrett wonders whether Feldman is in the second half rotation.  I think he has to be, at this've already got Omar Beltre in the rotation, and Rich Harden and Derek Holland both are still a little ways away from returning.  If you pull Feldman from the rotation, you've got to go with Matt Harrison, which I don't think is necessarily an upgrade.

Jeff Wilson has a story about the Rangers getting five players in the All Star game.  They could make it six if Michael Young gets added in the 34th player vote.

The S-T's notes talk about Elvis Andrus needing to improve his decision-making on the basepaths.

The Rangers' website notes include an update on Harden and Holland as they return from injury.

Gil Lebreton says that the issue for the Rangers in the second half won't be the heat -- it will be keeping the starting pitchers healthy and productive.