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Bud Selig Speaks on the Bankruptcy

Per the S-T, Bud Selig has spoken on the issue of the Rangers bankruptcy:

"Tom Hicks put the club into bankruptcy. It's been an interesting but a very difficult process. The Greenberg-Ryan group, I think, has lived up to everything they said they would, but we have to deal with a law and the bankruptcy laws.

We need to get this done very quickly. There's no question about it. I've talked to Nolan Ryan this morning already. The team is doing very well. And I want to say this: The economics of this have nothing to do with baseball. Sometimes that gets misunderstood. This has everything to do with Mr. Hicks and Mr. Hicks' personal economic situation. Hopefully we can get this resolved as quickly as possibly. We've told everybody that. I would have liked to have the Ryan-Greenberg group approved awhile ago. But as we move forward, hopefully we can solve this problem.

"Let me make it clear: Baseball has always had the right to select its ownership. There's a long history of that that predates even my entry into baseball in 1970. There's no doubt in my mind that we have the right to select ownership, and we will do that."

Good ol' Tom Hicks...