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Sunday morning Rangers things

Wow.  Didn't see that coming yesterday.  If this Rich Harden is for real, this changes the postseason rotation dynamic for the Rangers.

T.R. Sullivan, in his game story, suggests that getting Harden back is the equivalent of the Rangers making a big trade at the deadline to add a starter.

Anthony Andro echoes that sentiment in his game story, with Ron Washington calling Harden's return "a huge boost."

Richard Durrett has post-game reactions at the ESPN Dallas blog.

Evan Grant compares Harden's performance yesterday to a Cliff Lee outing.

T.R. Sullivan says that the Rangers could end up adding five or six players as a result of the Jarrod Saltalamacchia trade, since the $350,000 Boston is sending in the deal is apparently being used to sign draft picks.  Andro has some quotes from Saltalamacchia about getting dealt.

Richard Durrett offers his thoughts on the Jarrod Saltalamacchia trade.

Grant has a story up about the decisions the Rangers have to make with Ian Kinsler, and whether they need to start giving him more time off to protect him from injury.

Michael Young has had an awful series in Anaheim, but it appears to be due in part to the fact he's been sick the past two days, according to T.R. Sullivan.  Young is expected to play again Sunday, although Josh Hamilton will sit again.

The S-T's notes talk about Cristian Guzman's decision to accept the trade to Texas, and Darren O'Day's scoreless inning streak, which is up to 21.

Tim Cowlishaw has a column up raving about Cliff Lee.

Mike HIndman says that, after the season, Jon Daniels is gone from the Rangers, likely to the Mets.

Evan Grant has a story about Mark Cuban's interest in buying the Rangers, saying that Cuban has bought less than $1 million of the HSG debt as part of investigating the team.  Chuck Greenberg, in the story, indicates that his understands is that Monarch, who is reportedly willing to provide financing to Cuban, is willing to provide financing to any group competing against Greenberg's group.

Jeff Wilson writes that Mark Cuban is becoming the new villain in the Rangers purchase saga, as he's gone in two weeks from professing to support the Greenberg/Ryan bid to actively opposing it, despite the fact, according to Wilson, that him buying the team would mean the departure of Nolan Ryan and a good possibility of Cuban not being approved by MLB.