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Tuesday a.m. Rangers stuff

Oakland lost last night, so the Rangers are back up to 8 games up in the A.L. West.

Jeff Wilson writes that, with a stretch of 8 games coming up against potential playoff foes, there is an unofficial moratorium in the Ranger clubhouse on playoff talk.

T.R. Sullivan has some notes up on the Rangers being close to sell outs for the two games against the Yankees, Ian Kinsler's health situation (he'll have an MRI today), and some minor league and draft items.

The DMN has some excerpts up from the chat session with Chuck Greenberg from yesterday, with Greenberg saying, among other things, that keeping the current front office in place is "critical."

Mark Teixeira will miss tonight's game, and perhaps tomorrow's, as his wife is having a baby.

Jennifer Floyd Engel hates "A-Fraud."

Jean-Jacques Taylor says that the Rangers players aren't being "coddled" anymore, and seems to have bought into the conspiracy theory that Rich Harden wasn't actually hurt when he was put on the disabled list.