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Thursday a.m. Rangers stuff

Man...that was a kick in the teeth last night.

However, we're going to lead off with the good news for today...

MLB's owners voted this morning, and Chuck Greenberg has been approved as the new Rangers' owner.  It is official.  Our long nightmare is over.

Now, turning to yesterday's ugliness...

Anthony Andro's game story says the Rangers should always win when they score 6 and have Cliff Lee starting.

T.R. Sullivan's game story includes quotes from Cliff Lee, where he says he was running out of gas in the last couple of innings, saying that the temperature was as hot as in any game he'd pitched.

Evan Grant says the Rangers can't expect to keep Lee, or any other top-notch pitcher, without investing $100 million to reduce the impact of the heat at TBIA.  Grant also looks at the counter-arguments in another post, as to why the heat may not really matter.

The S-T's notes include Rich Harden with comments saying he understands why he's being bumped back in the rotation, and injury updates.

Sullivan's notes include Ron Washington saying that he's got faith in Vlad Guerrero, and that he thinks Vlad is going to have some hits start falling in.

Randy Galloway has a column about yesterday's loss.