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Thursday a.m. Rangers stuff

Well, that was a lousy series in Tampa.  However, there are a few things to feel good about still.

The Rangers are up 8 on Oakland and Anaheim.

Joaquin Arias will probably not be starting any games in the playoffs for the Rangers.

And of course...Tom Hicks no longer owns the Rangers!

Also, as a follow up to last night's "Suite Night" post, we are now full up, so no more emails to Section 339. 

Jeff Wilson notes in his game story that the Rangers have failed to win a road game against either of their likely first round playoff opponents this year.

Richard Durrett has his reactions to yesterday's game, and what was a pretty ugly series overall against Tampa.

The S-T notes talk about Ron Washington having to juggle the lineup with Michael Young unavailable.  Washington had Josh Hamilton DH the final two games to lessen the abuse his knees would take on the Tropicana turf...however, he had Vlad Guerrero play right field the past two games, and it seems like he isn't doing Vlad any favors by having him play on the turf, instead.

Brandon Boggs yesterday almost became the fourth Ranger positional player in team history to appear as a pitcher in a game.

Tim Cowlishaw says a playoff series with Tampa would be different from the series that the Rangers just completed.