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Monday a.m. Rangers things

Realistically, you can't complain about taking one out of three on the road against just about any team, and the Rangers are still 8 games up in the West, but still...yesterday could have gone better, and the weekend could have gone better...

Anthony Andro's game story notes that there's a pattern emerging in Cliff Lee's starts...he's going to go deep, and the Rangers aren't going to score runs.

Evan Grant says that this weekend's series had some danger signs for the Rangers.

Andro's notes talk about Josh Hamilton receiving a cortisone injection, and Michael Young getting a half-day off on Tuesday, as Ron Washington plans to DH him, with Jorge Cantu starting at third base.

The Ranger website notes discuss the possibility of Bengie Molina returning next year, along with Hamilton's health situation.

Drew Davison takes a look at the prospects dealt by the Rangers at the deadline.

Barry Shlachter has a story up regarding the status of the ongoing ownership sale situation, with potential bidders preparing to get their initial bids in by Tuesday night.

Shlachter also has a story up on Judge Lynn.