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Friday a.m. Rangers things

I'm really tired of clown baseball. 

And I have to say, after spending much of the year advocating for Brandon Boggs to come up instead of Joaquin Arias, he's not making me look good.  He's been terrible at the plate and his mis-play in right field that allowed Tampa to score an extra 3 runs was absolutely brutal.

Jeff Wilson writes yesterday's game is typical of what happens when a struggling team is trying to get back on track.

The game story on the Rangers' website has some quotes from Colby Lewis and Michael Young about this bad run.

Richard Durrett talks about the team's recent inability to score runs.

Despite this bad streak, Hal Bodley thinks the Rangers are well situated to potentially win a playoff series for the first time in team history, or even get to the World Series.

Wilson's notes include Buck Showalter talking about how he still pulls for the Rangers, along with some injury updates.

Andres Blanco and Ty Wigginton got into it yesterday over Wigginton blocking third base with his leg as Blanco was sliding into the bag, something that Blanco felt put him at risk for injury.

Meanwhile, no news yet on whether Rich Harden or Derek Holland will start the next time the fifth starter's spot rolls around...the Rangers website says that is still to be determined.