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Singer: Rangers, Cardinals could sweep post-season awards

Tom Singer on has a story up talking about the possibility that the Rangers and Cardinals could sweep the major post-season awards.

The Rangers, of course, have Josh Hamilton, Cliff Lee, Neftali Feliz, and Ron Washington,* all of whom seem to be the favorites in their respective categories.

*  Coinkidinkly enough, the picture of Ron Washington arguing, above?  It is from Colby Lewis's 90 Game Score game I mentioned in the morning post.

And the Cards have Albert Pujols, Adam Wainwright, Jaime Garcia, and Tony LaRussa, although if they don't make the playoffs (and their chances of making the playoffs have dropped over 40% per the BP Playoff Odds in the past week), the chances of that happening would seem to be pretty remote.

The other thing that jumped out of me, though, and that I wanted to comment on from this article...Singer mentions Ryan Howard as one of the four leading contenders for the MVP.

The same Ryan Howard that is 13th in the N.L. in OPS, despite playing in a hitter's park (and of course, manning one of the least critical defensive positions).

The same Ryan Howard who is 16th in the N.L. in wOBA.

The same Ryan Howard who is 82nd in the N.L. in WAR (using Fangraphs calculations).

Despite all this, Singer is probably right...Howard will probably finish in the top 5 in the N.L. in the MVP balloting.  Writers, for whatever reason, think he's one of the best players in baseball, and he's currently tied for 2nd in RBIs.  And the Phillies are a good bet to make it to the post-season, which gives Howard a big edge.

Still...Ryan Howard, MVP candidate.  Bleah.