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Tuesday a.m. Rangers things

Raise your hand if you saw that coming last night.

One more data point in why this has been one of the strangest, greatest seasons in Ranger history.

Anthony Andro's game story talks about the one hitter that could have been a no-hitter.

T.R. Sullivan's game story has quotes from Rich Harden, where he said he knew by the fifth inning that he wasn't going to be able to finish off the no-hitter, because of his pitch count and recent stint on the d.l.

Richard Durrett said that Ron Washington made the right call in pulling Harden.  I think that it was a given at that point that Harden wasn't going to go all the way...too many pitches, and it was a tight game.  You just can't leave a guy like that out there for 140 or 150 pitches chasing after a no-hitter.

Unfortunately, irresponsible ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd made some slanderous accusations about Cliff Lee yesterday, accusing him of tanking and "mailing it in" because he doesn't want to pitch in Texas.  Cliff Lee called the accusations a "lie," among other things. 

Jennifer Floyd Engel also rips the Cowherd report.  It says a lot about how worthless Cowherd and his show are that Engel has to be the voice of levelheadedness and reason here.

And it really kind of pisses me off that I'm even sitting here writing about this.  Cowherd is an asinine attention whore, who has no interest in baseball and appears to be throwing things out there to shock and have people talk about him.  The entire idea that someone pitching for a 9 figure contract would not be trying hard is stupid, Cowherd is stupid, and his show is stupid.  I hope ESPN fires him.

Moving on...the S-T notes talk about the multitude of Rangers preparing to go on rehab assignments, and also has some quotes from Ron Washington praising the work Taylor Teagarden did in his latest major league stint, with Washington saying that Teagarden was a completely different player from the guy who was up here earlier.

Sullivan has a bunch of notes on injuries, and the efforts the new ownership group is making to reach out to the fans.

William Wilkerson has a story about Matt Treanor's return from the disabled list.