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Happy birthday, Claudell Washington

Happy birthday to Claudell Washington, who turns 56 today.

Claudell Washington was an outfielder who came up in the Oakland A's system and was an All Star in 1975, at age 20. He looked like a guy on the rise who would be a dominant force for years to come, a left fielder with speed and power.

Instead, that age 20 season ended up being his best year. After 1976, he was sent to the Rangers for Jim Umbarger, Rodney Scott, and cash. Washington had a middling 1977 campaign, and in May, 1978, he was dealt to Chicago for Bobby Bonds...another power/speed guy who was viewed as never living up to his potential.

Washington ended up hanging around through 1990, registering 1884 career hits while playing with 7 teams, spending the bulk of his time with the Yankees and Braves.