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Rangers reportedly interested in Jeff Franceour

Per ESPN New York, the Rangers are supposedly talking to the Mets about a deal for rightfielder Jeff Franceour.

My initial reaction was, "That would be terrible."

But after some thought, it might not be such a bad thing.

Frenchy is only under contract through the rest of the year, and is owed about $850,000.

Presumably, the Mets would be amenable to giving him away to a team that would take him, for nothing more than a Tanner Roark-type organizational depth/very fringe prospect type guy.

And Franceour's line against LHPs is respectable...for his career, he's hit .296/.342/.478 against them, and even this year, he's hit .278/.355/.412 against lefties.

Remarkable though it may seem to say this, I think I'd rather have Franceour come in to pinch hit in a key situation against a lefty pitcher than any of the other bench options the Rangers have.

If it costs them nothing but money, and the Rangers are only going to use him to hit against lefthanders, this is something that could make sense.