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Wednesday a.m. Rangers stuff

Another game with the bats going all quiet-like.  Fortunately, Anaheim and Oakland also lost, so the Rangers are still 8 games up.  Still...

Jeff Wilson's game story talks about the Rangers' lack of offense.

T.R. Sullivan, like Wilson, leads off with Nelson Cruz expressing frustration that his eighth inning rocket, which he thought was a game-tying single, was snagged by Chone Figgins and turned into a double play.

Evan Grant, in his post game notes, talks about the Rangers' failure to convert runners in scoring position into runs.

Richard Durrett, in his post game notes, points out that the Mariners' top three hitters had almost twice as many hits yesterday as the entire Ranger team.

Sullivan, in his notes, talks about Mark Lowe hoping to return for September, and the Rangers' increased attendance allowing the Rangers to add more salary at the trade deadline than had been expected.

Wilson's notes provide updates on a variety of injured Rangers.

Meanwhile, in auction news...

Barry Shlachter has a story about today's bidding.

Evan Grant runs down the players in today's auction, with details about each person, the role they play and how they fit in this.

Sullivan says the players and team personnel are keenly interested in today's events.