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Thursday a.m. Rangers stuff

I went to sleep last night, with the Greenberg/Ryan bid looking dead in the water, Cuban/Crane appearing likely to win the auction, and knowing that that would mean ensuing legal fights, delays, and the possibility of MLB not approving the new owners.

Meanwhile, on the field, the Rangers were clinging to a 1 run lead that didn't seem terribly safe.

I wake up this morning to discover that Greenberg/Ryan won the bidding, and that the Rangers added to their lead with a Michael Young grand slam to win 11-6.

What a difference a good night's sleep can make.

Jeff Wilson's game story leads with the critical decision of the game...Don Wakamatsu opting to walk Nelson Cruz to face David Murphy.  Murphy, of course, had a two out, three run homer to put the Rangers ahead for good.

T.R. Sullivan's game story has Ron Washington saying that last night's lineup was the "offensive" lineup, the one that is supposed to score runs.

Richard Durrett has his post-game thoughts up at ESPN Dallas.

The S-T's notes include updates on the health situations of Dustin Nippert, Josh Hamilton, and Matt TreanorSullivan says Nippert is still having issues with headaches.

Jeff Wilson writes that, amongst all the bankruptcy drama, the Rangers have stayed focus on what happens on the field.

And then the ownership stuff...that is after the jump...

Greenberg/Ryan, of course, ended up winning the bigging.  Barry Shlachter and Pete Alfaro have a story on that in the S-T.

Sullivan has a story up on the sale at the Rangers' website.

Evan Grant says the Rangers players are happy that the Greenberg/Ryan group prevailed. 

Richard Durrett has a Q&A up with Chuck Greenberg.  Grant has some quotes from Jon Daniels about this being done.

Randy Galloway, meanwhile, rips Mark Cuban, calling him the "lender's lackey," someone who jumped in at the eleventh hour just to squeeze more money for the creditors out of Greenberg/Ryan.