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Sunday a.m. Rangers stuff

To call yesterday's game a disappointment would be an understatement.  Rich Harden went out and destroyed all the positivity he'd generated with his last start.  The bats went silent.  Eric Karros was a beating. 

Jeff Wilson, in his game story, says that whether or not Harden makes his next scheduled start, on Saturday against Boston, is up in the air.

T.R. Sullivan says Harden had a good slider working, but chose not to use it, instead relying on a fastball he couldn't command.

Evan Grant, in his post-game notes, says Harden has to show something Saturday if he's going to stay in the rotation.

Richard Durrett has some post-game quotes from Harden.

Sullivan, in his notes, mentions that Taylor Teagarden is impressing with his defense, and that Jon Daniels hopes that, with the ownership situation resolved, the team will be able to keep the front office and scouting staff together.

The S-T's notes talk about Chuck Greenberg prioritizing the re-signing of Cliff Lee.

Evan Grant runs down what the new ownership group needs to prioritize.

Randy Galloway says that whether or not Greenberg gets Lee signed will be a referendum on the new ownership group. 

Anthony Andro has a story about how the auction coverage shows there are those of us who obsess about the Rangers, and includes this nod to us:

The Cowboys have great fans, but maybe it's time to give those fans who obsess about the Rangers their due. I certainly know they're out there.

They are the kinds of fans who will fill 12 threads of a fanpost on following play-by-play action in a courtroom. They did that for an auction that saw less than an hour of real-time action.

Jeff Wilson has a Q&A with Daniels in the S-T.

T.R. Sullivan writes that the Rangers are getting interest from teams that want to trade for Chris Davis.