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Sheehan, Perry disagree about home field advantage

So, we have a couple of pieces out there today on MSM sites from former BP writers dealing with the issue of the importance of home field advantage in the playoffs.

Joe Sheehan writes, on the SI site, that home field advantage in the playoffs is overblown, and ultimately, looking at the performance of playoff teams over the last 12 years, it has made almost no difference.  Sheehan suggests that teams don't put much of an effort into fighting for home-field advantage over the last few days of the season, when it is in question, because teams know that it really doesn't matter.

Dayn Perry, on the other hand, writing on the Fox Sports website, says that home field advantage is a big deal, particularly this season, because the teams that appear likely to make the playoffs have significant spreads.  In particular, Texas, Minnesota, Atlanta, and Colorado have big home/road splits, which Perry suggests could mean the difference in a short series.

So...I'm even more confused now.