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Rangers fan confidence up; Cowboys fan confidence down

So I was looking at the confidence polls over at SBN-DFW for the big four D/FW teams, and it is amusing to me to see how much difference just one week makes.

The Rangers' confidence numbers, which had been holding steady for some time, showed a big dip last week, as the Rangers hit the nadir of their tailspin. And of course, after this recent winning streak, the confidence numbers have rocketed back up, coming in at 90.

That's in marked contrast to the confidence numbers for the Cowboys, which saw a spike last week, but now are...well, disappointing, to say the least.

Rangers fans feel better about their team right now than Cowboys fans feel about their team. And that's as it should be, really...the Rangers are on the verge of clinching their division, after all, and the Cowboys are at 0-1 with a tough schedule ahead of them.

It is a novel position for a Rangers fan to be in.